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Table 5 Candidate target mRNAs of EGS-83

From: Generation of an external guide sequence library for a reverse genetic screen in Caenorhabditis elegans

Target mRNA RNAi phenotype Targeting sequence
NM_066277.3 sterile_F1
NM_058796.3 male_morphology_abnormal GAACATATTTTG
NM_066347.2 Abnormal: unclassified phenotypes GAACATATTTTG
NM_062293.4 Normal GAACATAAATTG
NM_070343.2 Normal GAACATAATTTG
NM_074278.2 Normal GAACATAACTTG
NM_059435.2 Normal GAACATAACTTG
NM_072012.1 Normal GAACATATTTTG
NM_059793.2 Normal GAACATATTTTG
NM_076117.3 Normal GAACATATATTG
NM_059858.2 Normal GAACATATATTG
NM_061811.2 Normal GAACATATATTG
NM_073812.2 Normal GAACATACCTTG
NM_076627.2 Normal GAACATACATTG
NM_069246.2 Normal GAACATACTTTG
NM_061292.2 Normal GAACATACTTTG
NM_063842.2 Normal GAACATAGGTTG
NM_072852.1 Normal GAACATAGTTTG
NM_066363.2 No record GAACATAAATTG
NM_001028778.1 No record GAACATAACTTG
NM_171639.2 No record GAACATATTTTG
NM_171942.1 No record GAACATATTTTG
NM_171638.2 No record GAACATATTTTG
NM_001028115.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001028116.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001028113.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001028114.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001027086.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001027085.1 No record GAACATATCTTG
NM_001029358.2 No record GAACATACATTG
NM_001029357.3 No record GAACATACATTG
NM_001029356.1 No record GAACATACATTG
NM_001028371.1 No record GAACATACTTTG
NM_001013620.3 No record GAACATAGATTG
  1. The accession number refers to the GenBank database.