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Table 3 The effect of different neural network architecture and topologies on coefficient of determination, R2, and absolute average deviation, AAD, in the estimation of lipase production obtained in the training and testing of neural networks

From: A modeling study by response surface methodology and artificial neural network on culture parameters optimization for thermostable lipase production from a newly isolated thermophilic Geobacillus sp. strain ARM

Name Model Learning algorithm Connection type Transfer function output Transfer function hidden Training set R2 Training set AAD (%) Testing set R2 Testing set AAD (%)
C21 4-16-1 IBPa MFFFb Linear Gaussian 1 0.1 1 0.231
D25 4-16-1 IBP MNFFc Linear Gaussian 1 0.145 0.99 0.358
C12 4-15-1 IBP MFFF Linear Gaussian 1 0.138 0.953 0.455
J22 4-15-1 IBP MNFF Linear Tanhd 1 0.167 0.938 0.552
H5 4-15-1 IBP MFFF Linear Tanh 1 0.196 0.908 0.639
  1. a Incremental Back Propagation
  2. b Multilayer Full FeedForward
  3. c Multilayer Normal FeedForward
  4. d Hyperbolic Tangent Function