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Table 2 Molecular Weight and pI for the proteins examined here.

From: Recombinant gas vesicles from Halobacterium sp. displaying SIV peptides demonstrate biotechnology potential as a pathogen peptide delivery vehicle

Characteristics GvpC Tat Rev Nef1
pI 3.73 4.92 8.17 5.31
pI (Fusion proteins)   3.83 3.88 4.07
MW (Da) 42,392 5,743 9,313 24,733
Expected MW   48,117 51,687 67,106
Predicted MW 60,000 65,743 69,313 84,733
  1. † Expected MW is calculated as GvpC + SIV insert; Tat, Rev and Nef1 respectively.
  2. ‡ Predicted MW is based on results for GvpC from wild type GV (NRC-1) where the protein band was indicated at ~ 60 kDa [18]. Accordingly, the MW for the recombinant proteins was calculated as a sum of the specific insert and the MW for the GvpC. Isoelectric points were calculated using the Web page for pI/MW calculation [42].