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Table 1 Primers sequences for PCR amplification of DNA encoding the proteins examined here.

From: Recombinant gas vesicles from Halobacterium sp. displaying SIV peptides demonstrate biotechnology potential as a pathogen peptide delivery vehicle

Fragments Primers Sequence (5' to 3') Size (bp)
Tat Tat F ggg atg gag aca ccc ttg aag 150
  Tat R ggg atg ata gca aca cct ctt  
Rev Rev F ggg tca gca gat ccc tat cca 243
  Rev R ggg cgg act ctt tgc aac gtc  
Nef1 Nef1 F ggg atg ggt ggc gct att tcc 642
  Nef1 R ggg ctt cca tgc cag tac ctc  
gvpC gvpC F ctc ctg ctg tga ttc tgc ga 1,070
  gvpC R cat cct cac cgt act cgt cg  
  gvpC – Kpn I cta tgg cca cga gat cac g 350
  1. DNA sequences required to generate recombinant GvpC and demonstrate the successful insertion and retention of test SIV DNA sequences utilized PCR amplification and the forward (F) and reverse(R) primers listed above.