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Table 2 Labelled cDNA yield starting from 20 μg of mouse total RNA

From: Development of a novel ozone- and photo-stable HyPer5 red fluorescent dye for array CGH and microarray gene expression analysis with consistent performance irrespective of environmental conditions

  HyPer5 NHS Cy5 NHS HyPer5-dCTP Cy5-dCTP
Dye incorporation 87.1 34.5 32 35
Nucleotide per dye ratio* 29 77 94 70
  1. *Nucleotide per dye ratios was determined by [DNA yield × 1000]/[dye incorporation × 324.5]. Data represented is average yield from n = 35 for HyPer5 NHS, n = 33 for Cy5 = NHS, and triplicates for HyPer5- and Cy5-dCTP.