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Table 1 Characterization of HCMV Donor Sera

From: Generation of potent neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies against cytomegalovirus infection from immune B cells

Donor BEIA-CMVa gBb CMV neutralization titerc
CMV5 + + 1:42
CMV6 + - 1:12
CMV7 + + 1:105
CMV8 + - 1:20
CMV9 - - 1:15
  1. a. BEIA CMV ELISA detects human IgG that bind to total protein lysates from HCMV virions.
  2. b. gB ELISA detects human IgG that bind to the AD-2 region of the HCMV envelope glycoprotein gB.
  3. c. Sera were tested in the HCMV microneutralization assay using the AD169 strain and HELF [48]. Numbers indicate dilution of serum required for 50% inhibition of HCMV infectivity.