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Figure 2

From: Dual-In/Out strategy for genes integration into bacterial chromosome: a novel approach to step-by-step construction of plasmid-less marker-less recombinant E. coli strains with predesigned genome structure

Figure 2

New φ80-cognate CRIM plasmids with λ-removable part. A. Map of pAH162-λattL-TcRattR. This plasmid could be used as a vector for molecular cloning of the genes of interest followed by φ80-Int-dependent integration of the recombinant plasmid in bacterial chromosome and λ-Int/Xis-dependent excision of the selective marker-carrier vector part. B. Map of pAH162-λattL-TcRattR-CmR. The recombinant plasmid constructed on the basis of new CRIM-vector, that contains cat-gene under the transcriptional control of phage T7 A2-promoter, as a model gene for integration in the chromosome according to Dual-In/Out strategy.

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