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Table 2 Second round of expression screening as fusion proteins.

From: Construction of a series of vectors for high throughput cloning and expression screening of membrane proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

ORF M.W. (kDa) Fusion partner cloned IB* S M
Rv0011c 10.2 GST Yes XX**   
Rv0460 8.1 GST Yes XX   
Rv0544c 9.7 GST Yes X   
Rv0882 9.6 GST Yes X   
Rv1171 15.2 GST Yes    
Rv2128 7.4 GST Yes X   
Rv3078 14.1 GST Yes    
Rv3632 13.1 GST Yes    
Rv3656c 7.1 GST Yes XXX   
Rv3901c 15.4 GST Yes XXX   
Rv0011c 10.2 MBP Yes XXX   XXX
Rv0460 8.1 MBP Yes XX   XX
Rv0544c 9.7 MBP Yes XX   XXX
Rv0882 9.6 MBP Yes X   XXX
Rv1171 15.2 MBP Yes X   X
Rv2128 7.4 MBP Yes XXX   XXX
Rv3078 14.1 MBP Yes    
Rv3632 13.1 MBP Yes X   X
Rv3656c 7.1 MBP Yes XXX   
Rv3901c 15.4 MBP Yes XX   XXX
Rv0011c 10.2 KSI Yes XX   
Rv0460 8.1 KSI Yes X   
Rv0544c 9.7 KSI Yes    
Rv0882 9.6 KSI Yes    
Rv1171 15.2 KSI Yes X   
Rv2128 7.4 KSI Yes    
Rv3078 14.1 KSI Yes X   
Rv3632 13.1 KSI Yes X   
Rv3656c 7.1 KSI Yes X   
Rv3901c 15.4 KSI Yes    
  1. * IB: Inclusion body fraction; S: Soluble fraction; M: Membrane fraction.
  2. ** Symbol "X" indicates the estimated yield of the fusion protein from Coomassie blue stained SDS-PAGE gel. One "X" corresponds to the expression yield between 10 mg and 20 mg for the fusion protein from 1 L LB culture.