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Figure 4

From: Enhancement of hybridoma formation, clonability and cell proliferation in a nanoparticle-doped aqueous environment

Figure 4

IgM production by a stable hybridoma clone grown in 3% FCS. Two cultures derived from the same culture of a stable hybridoma clone were grown, one in NPD and the other in DI based medium supplemented with 3% FCS. Before seeding the cells were washed in serum-free media to verify the removal of any residual serum. During a period of two weeks the supernatants were collected as indicated and the cells were counted on the same day. The cultures were fed on the 4th and 10th day and medium was placed in the cultures on day 6. Although the cells in DI culture proliferated normally under these conditions, they failed to produce measurable quantities of antibody. Panel A: IgM production per hybridoma cell in 3% FCS; Panel B: Number of live cells at each antibody titration.

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