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Figure 3

From: Enhancement of hybridoma formation, clonability and cell proliferation in a nanoparticle-doped aqueous environment

Figure 3

IgM production by a stable hybridoma clone in 10% FCS. Two parallel cultures were prepared in replicates from a stable hybridoma clone from our collection. One was grown in NPD and the other in DI medium and both were kept in standard culture conditions. After a week of growth the supernatants were collected, and the antibody concentrations were measured by a standard sandwich ELISA. Each column represents the mean antibody concentration that was measured in NPD and DI cultures. The error bars denote the standard error of the means. We have observed increased secretion of monoclonal antibody with a series of stable hybridoma clones and presented a detailed analysis with one of them in this manuscript. Panel A: Total antibody concentration measured in the culture supernatants; Panel B: Antibody concentration normalized per cell.

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