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Figure 2

From: Enhancement of hybridoma formation, clonability and cell proliferation in a nanoparticle-doped aqueous environment

Figure 2

Panel A: Cloning efficiency of a primary hybridoma clone: From a single primary antibody-producing hybridoma clone 200 cells were plated per 96 well dish in replicates (on average 1–2 cells/well). The bar graphs present percentage of viable antibody producing subclones (from all plated wells) for each treatment. All differences were statistically significant by Chi-square analysis at p << 0.05 except for DI-RPMI+HCF versus NPD-RPMI, where the difference was not significant. Panel B: Cloning efficiency of a semi-stable hybridoma clone: From an antibody-producing semi-stable clone, 200 cells were counted and seeded over a 96-well plate (on average 1–2 cells/well). As this was a single semi-stable clone, unlike a primary hybridoma population, the experiment was performed multiple times and the data combined. The figure presents a mean percent of antibody-producing positive wells from replicate cloning experiments. The error bars denote the standard error of the mean.

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