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Figure 6

From: Novel system uses probasin-based promoter, transcriptional silencers and amplification loop to induce high-level prostate expression

Figure 6

Ad/FasL-GFP DiSTRES demonstrates prostate-specific cytotoxicity as indicated by rounded morphology of prostate cancer cells. LNCaP, PC3AR, and U251MG cells were seeded at and infected as described in Fig. 5. LNCaP, PC3AR, and U251MG were infected at MOI 10, 5, and 5, respectively. Two days post-infection, cells were visualized using Axiovert-25 fluorescent microscope with FITC filter set and photos taken with Pixera digital camera at 100× magnification. Photos on the left were taken under UV light. Photos on the right were taken under bright field setting. MOI values are based on pfu/ml.

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