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Figure 3

From: Novel system uses probasin-based promoter, transcriptional silencers and amplification loop to induce high-level prostate expression

Figure 3

Comparison of DiSTRES- and CMV-mediated gene expression. LNCaP, PC3AR, HeLa and U251MG cells were seeded at 1.25 × 104 cells/well in 96-well plates and infected with complex Ad vectors at MOI 30, 200, 200, and 50, respectively, in the presence 30 nM DHT. 2 days post-infection, cell lysates were assayed for GFP fluorescence. Infection with Ad/C.LacZ served as a negative control infection. Results are displayed as fold expression, setting GFP fluorescence from Ad/CMV.GFP infection at 1 for each cell line. Due to differing transduction efficiencies among cell lines, each cell type was infected at an optimized MOI, based on pilot dose response studies conducted with the Ad/GFPTET vector. MOI values were based on IU/ml. *p < 0.05 compared to Ad/CMV.GFP. †p < 0.05 compared to Ad/GFPTET.

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