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Figure 4

From: Induction of protective immunity in swine by recombinant bamboo mosaic virus expressing foot-and-mouth disease virus epitopes

Figure 4

Immunoelectron microscopy for identification of BaMV CP and FMDV VP1 on the surface of virus particles. Leaf dips from C. quinoa infected with pBVP1 (A, B) or pBaMV-S (C) were obtained 10 days post-inoculation. Grids were first incubated with leaf extract and coated with diluted anti-BaMV CP serum (A) or anti-FMDV VP1 serum (B, C) followed by gold-labeled goat anti-rabbit IgG complexes. Grids were inspected in a Philips CM100 electron microscope. All bars represent 250 nm.

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