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Figure 2

From: Induction of protective immunity in swine by recombinant bamboo mosaic virus expressing foot-and-mouth disease virus epitopes

Figure 2

Detection of VP1 antigenic epitopes in Chenopodium quinoa ( C. quinoa ) leaves inoculated with chimeric virus BVP1. Leaves of C. quinoa were mock-inoculated (lane 1) or inoculated with wild-type pBaMV-S (lane 2), pBS-d35CP (lane 3) or pBVP1 (lane 4). Total proteins were prepared as described in Methods and electrophoretically separated on a 12% SDS-polyacrylamide gel, stained with Coomassie blue (panel A), or transferred to PVDF membrane, and detected with anti-BaMV-S CP serum (panel B), rabbit anti-FMDV VP1 serum (panel C), or serum from FMDV-infected swine (panel D).

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