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Table 1 Sorted expression levels of 160 miRNA between FFPE and snap frozen cells using ΔΔCts. 65.58% of ΔΔCts (101 out of 154 determined assays), were between +1 and -1

From: Comparison of miRNA expression patterns using total RNA extracted from matched samples of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cells and snap frozen cells

Decreased expression Increased expression ΔΔCts between +/-1 Undeter-mined
mir-30b mir-302b* mir-9 mir-133b mir-200a mir-370 c-lin-4
mir-130a mir-302a mir-10a mir-134 mir-200b mir-371 mir-104
mir-218 let-7b mir-15a mir-137 mir-200c mir-372 mir-122a
mir-30e mir-184 mir-17-3p mir-138 mir-203 mir-373 mir-144
mir-34a mir-183 mir-17-5p mir-140 mir-204 let-7d mir-302b
mir-135a mir-211 mir-23a mir-142-5p mir-210 let-7e mir-325
mir-20 mir-128b mir-23b mir-145 mir-213 mir-2  
mir-15b mir-189 mir-25 mir-147 mir-214 let-7g  
mir-135b mir-128a mir-26b mir-148a mir-215 let-7i  
mir-31 mir-154 mir-27a mir-149 mir-216 let-7a  
mir-9* mir-198 mir-27b mir-150 mir-219 mir-16  
mir-338 mir-139 mir-28 mir-151 mir-221   
mir-190 mir-373* mir-30a-3p mir-152 mir-222   
mir-133a mir-100 mir-30c mir-154* mir-223   
mir-29a mir-323 mir-30d mir-155 mir-224   
mir-142-3p mir-125b mir-34b mir-181a mir-296   
mir-141 mir-105 mir-34c mir-181b mir-299   
mir-335 mir-182* mir-92 mir-181c mir-302c   
mir-29c mir-129 mir-96 mir-182 mir-302c*   
mir-26a mir-159a mir-98 mir-185 mir-320   
mir-220 mir-199a mir-99a mir-186 mir-324-5p   
mir-374 mir-367 mir-103 mir-187 mir-326   
mir-95 mir-107 mir-106a mir-191 mir-328   
mir-21   mir-124a mir-193 mir-330   
mir-302d   mir-124b mir-194 mir-331   
mir-29b   mir-125a mir-195 mir-337   
mir-301   mir-126 mir-197 mir-339   
mir-205   mir-127 mir-199a* mir-340   
mir-19a   mir-130b mir-199b mir-342   
mir-146   mir-132 mir-199-s mir-368