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Figure 3

From: A simple vector system to improve performance and utilisation of recombinant antibodies

Figure 3

Effect on yield of fusion partner and site of expression. Cells were grown overnight at 30°C in auto-induction media [11]. The bacterial cell pellet was lysed, clarified and three-fold dilutions of each lysate were analysed by western-blot for the protein expression and by ELISA for scFv binding activity. Representative ELISA signals from the linear part of the titration curve (1:81 dilution) were plotted relative to those obtained for pSANG10-3F expressed scFv. A: scFv specific for collagen type VI; B: scFv specific for desmin (clone C10). A representative western blot showing total protein yield for each scFv format is shown in the upper part of panel A and B. The graphs in the lower part of A and B show normalised ELISA data and normalised densitometry values from the western blot MBP: Maltose Binding Protein. AP: Alkaline Phosphatase.

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