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Table 1 List of plasmids used in this study.

From: The cumate gene-switch: a system for regulated expression in mammalian cells

Plasmid name Configuration Promoter Coding sequence Purpose
pAdCMV5-CuOg-LacZ Repressor CMV5-CuO LacZ Reporter for transient transfection
pAdCMV5-CuOs-LacZ Repressor CMV5-CuO LacZ Reporter for transient transfection and adenovirus for screening stable transfectants of CymR
pAdCMV5-CuO-GFP Repressor CMV5-CuO GFP Reporter for stable expression of repressor configuration
pAdCMV5-CymR-K7-BFP Repressor CMV5 CymR Repressor expression in transient transfection assays
pMPG-BFP/CMV5- CymR/tk-neo Repressor CMV5 CymR Stable expression of CymR
pAdCR5-LacZ Activator CR5 LacZ Reporter gene for transient transfection.
pAdCMV5-cTA- K7BFP Activator CMV5 cTA Expression of activator for transient transfection
pcDNA-cTA Activator CMV cTA Stable expression of activator
pAdPS-CMV-cTA-DC- GFP Activator CMV cTA Transfer vector for generating adenoviral library for mutant cTAs
pAdCMV5-rcTA- K7BFP Reverse activator CMV5 rcTA Expression of reverse activator for transient transfection
pRRL.cppt.CMV5- CuO-rcTA.WPRE Reverse activator CMV5-CuO rcTA Vector for generating lentivirus expressing the rcTA
pRRL.cppt.CR5- GFP.WPRE Activator/Reverse activator CR5 GFP Reporter for lentiviral transduction
pRRL.cppt.CR5-SEAP-IRES-GFP.WPRE Activator/Reverse activator CR5 SEAP and GFP Reporter for lentiviral transduction
pAdCR5-GFP Activator/repressor CR5 GFP Transfer vector for generating adenovirus for screening cell lines stably expressing cTA.