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Table 2 Biological samples tested.

From: Low density DNA microarray for detection of most frequent TP53 missense point mutations

ID Name Source The genotype was previously assumed as:
P1 pp53 Plasmid Unknown
P2 pSCX3 Plasmid Unknown
P3 pM47 Plasmid Unknown
P4 pC53 Plasmid Unknown
P5 XbaI Plasmid Unknown
P6 C1 Plasmid Unknown
L1 A-427 Human cell line Unknown
L2 C33 A Human cell line Point mutation in codon 273
L3 Hela Human cell line Unknown
L4 Jurkat Human cell line Heterozygous for p53 ***
L5 SiHa Human cell line Unknown
L6 T24 Human cell line Unknown
L7 SW480 Human cell line Unknown
L8 I-37 Human lung tumor sample Unknown
L9 I-51 Human lung tumor sample Unknown
L10 PCS-4 Human lung tumor sample Unknown
B1 Case 1 PBLCA Unknown
B2 Case 2 PBLCA Unknown
B3 Case 116 PBLCA Unknown
B4 Case 4 PBLCA Unknown
B5 Case 5 PBLCA Unknown
B6 Case 152 PBLCA Unknown
B7 Case 7 PBHS Unknown
B8 Case 8 PBHS Unknown
  1. *PBLCA = Peripheral blood lung cancer affected.
  2. **PBHS = Peripheral blood healthy subject.
  3. ***Personal communication.