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Table 2 Competition of antibody responses by unmodified antigensa

From: A simplified immunoprecipitation method for quantitatively measuring antibody responses in clinical sera samples by using mammalian-produced Renillaluciferase-antigen fusion proteins

Antigen/sera Control p53 K-Ras Smad4 β-CAT-Δ1 c-Myc
p53/12 21% 32%     
p53/15 20% 60%     
p53/33 7% 88%     
p53/34 11% 72%     
K-Ras/27 5%   91%    
K-Ras/32 25%   82%    
K-Ras/34 4%   0%    
K-Ras/35 16%   100%    
Smad4/22 4%    92%   
Smad4/36 0%    93%   
β-catenin-Δ1/24 23%     96%  
c-Myc/25 0%      22%
  1. aSera (1 μl), buffer and 5 μg competitor were incubated together for 60 min before adding the fusion extracts and protein A/G beads for an additional 60 minutes and processed. Background light units (beads plus extract but no sera) were subtracted before calculating percent competition. The first column identifies the antigen-sera combination tested. The other columns give the amount of competition obtained for each competitor antigen. All competitors, including the control (SPEC2), are MBP fusion proteins. Values are the averages plus from two independent experiments. The standard deviation for each value is also available (see Additional file 2).