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Table 1 List of cassettes

From: A fluorescent cassette-based strategy for engineering multiple domain fusion proteins

Cassette Function
pCfvtx Fundamental vector for rapidly inserting PCR products using a fluorescence assay to create basic cassettes
pVentx Venus for acquisition of fluorescence
Protein purification
pHistx 6xHis affinity tag
pGsttx GST affinity tag
pHisventx 6xHis affinity tag that also allows protein expression estimation by fluorescence
pHisvengsttx A double affinity tag using 6xHis and GST for improved purity and protein expression estimation by fluorescence
Subcellular organelle targeting
pTattx HIV TAT protein tranduction domain for targeting to the nucleolus or peptide-mediated delivery of proteins to the nucleus
pIl4tx Interleukin-4 signal peptide for secretion of target protein (alone) or for localization to the ER (with KDEL retention)
pKdeltx KDEL retention signal for localization the ER (with signal peptide)
Organelle markers
pTatvtx A fluorescent marker for the nucleolus
pIl4venkdeltx A fluorescent marker for the ER