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Figure 1

From: Glycerol restores heat-induced p53-dependent apoptosis of human glioblastoma cells bearing mutant p53

Figure 1

a, Clonogenic survival rates of cells after heating or combination treatments with glycerol. Two duplicate flasks were used per experiment, and two or more independent experiments were repeated for each survival point. Open square, A-172 neo contol cells; closed square, neo control cells pretreated with 0.6 M glycerol; open triangle, A-172/mp53/143 cells; closed circle, A-172/mp53/143 cells pretreated with 0.6 M glycerol. b, Restoration by glycerol of heat-induced Bax accumulation in A-172/mp53/143 cells. Western blotting samples were prepared from cells 10 h after heating at 44°C for 30 min. The glycerol was added 48 h before heating at a final concentration of 0.6 M. Glycerol was present in the medium during culture after heating.

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