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Figure 4

From: Effective generation of transgenic pigs and mice by linker based sperm-mediated gene transfer.

Figure 4

Expression of secreted human alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) from the transgenic pigs. Sera from 70-day-old piglets from nontransgenic controls and group I F0 generation animals were analyzed by using Great Escape SEAP Chemiluminescence Detection kit (Clontech Laboratories Inc). The average reading for controls is 6.9 × 103 ± 3.7 × 103 RLU. () represents nontransgenic nonheat-treated sera. (▲) represents transgenic nonheat-treated sera. (■) represents nontransgenic heat-treated sera. () represents transgenic heat-treated sera. The breed, number, and sex of nontransgenic controls are: Duroc, 144(F), 145(F), 146(M), 153(M), 161(F), 162(M) and 163(M); Yorkshire, 141(M), 142(M), 143(M), 150(M), 151(F) and 152(F); Landrace, 138(M), 139(M), 140(M), 147(M), 148(M), 149(M), 156(F), 157(F), 158(F), 159(F) and 160(F).

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