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Table 1 Eggplant production of parthenocarpic hybrids and their respective controls at springtime.

From: Genetically modified parthenocarpic eggplants: improved fruit productivity under both greenhouse and open field cultivation.

Genotype Early production Total production
  Yield/plant (g) Fruits/plant (n) Fruit weight (g) Yield/plant (g) Fruits/plant (n) Fruit weight (g)
P1 488 b 1.9 a 268.3 a 2241 a 8.4 a 253.9 a
P2 695 a 2.6 a 290.8 a 2288 a 8.6 a 260.2 a
C1 75 c 0.4 b 227.0 b 1547 b 7.8 a 187.5 b
P5 522 b 2.0 a 281.8 a 2163 a 9.2 a 230.5 a
C2 116c 0.7 b 170.6 b 1574 b 9.3 a 167.3 b
Talina 114c 0.3 b 270.5 a 2360 a 9.4 a 229.9 a
  1. For each trait at least one common letter indicates no significant difference according to the Duncan test (P = 0.05). Mean values of yields per plant, number of fruits per plant, and fruit weight of three transgenic parthenocarpic hybrids (P1, P2 and P5), two controls (C1 and C2) and the commercial cultivar Talina. C1 hybrid plants represent the controls of P1 and P2 transgenic hybrid plants. C2 hybrid plants are the controls of the P5 transgenic hybrids. Data are the average of the Monsampolo and Pontecagnano locations. The experiments were carried out in greenhouse at springtime.