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Table 3 Purification and concentration of COX during Triton X-114 phase separation.

From: Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 25544 as a suitable source of cholesterol oxidase: cell-linked and extracellular enzyme synthesis, purification and concentration

  Cells extract of 3%Triton X-114 w/v Culture broth with 6% Triton X-114 w/v
Purification fold 1.67 11.6(2.52)b
Concentration factor 2.56 20.3 (4.38)b
% recovery 76 (70)a 312 (65)b
  1. aRecovery in this step and, in parenthesis, with respect to cells. b Figures in parenthesis correspond to purification, concentration and recovery in this step as if no activation occurred, calculated on the basis of remaining activity in the upper detergent-depleted phase