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Table 2 Proportion of inoculations that resulted in gall formation by the tumorigenic A. vitis strains (CC49, CG78, and CG435) when co-inoculated with the TFX-producing strain F2/5(pT2TFXK) or the non-producing strains, F2/5 or F2/5(pT2TX3K).

From: Expression of a crown gall biological control phenotype in an avirulent strain of Agrobacterium vitis by addition of the trifolitoxin production and resistance genes

  Tumorigenic Straina. Proportion of inoculations that resulted in gall formation.
Biological control CG49 CG78 CG435
F2/5 12/12 6/6 12/12
F2/5(pT2TFXK) 10/14 1/8 0/14
F2/5(pT2TX3K) NDb 8/8 ND
  1. a. Inoculations performed at 10:1 ratio of biological control:pathogenic strain. Presence of galls was scored visually by comparison to an uninoculated negative control one month post-inoculation. b. ND, not done.