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Figure 5

From: Genetic transformation of Vitis viniferavia organogenesis

Figure 5

Southern blot analysis of grape plants transgenic for DefH9-iaaM gene. (A) Genomic DNA (digested with HindIII) from control untransformed Silcora plants (lanes 4, 7), three independent transgenic Silcora lines (plants #6, #29, #35, lanes 3, 5, 6, respectively), control untransformed Thompson Seedless plants (lane 2) and transgenic Thompson Seedless line (plant #4, lane 1). (B) Schematic drawings of the constructs used for transformation of Silcora (right) and Thompson Seedless (left) plants are reported. The probes are indicated with grey boxes. Only restriction sites relevant for Southern analysis are indicated. LB, left border; R, right border.

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