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Figure 2

From: Quantitative assessment of the use of modified nucleoside triphosphates in expression profiling: differential effects on signal intensities and impacts on expression ratios

Figure 2

Modified purines and pyrimidines show differential effects on hybridization intensities when incorporated into cRNA targets. Modified and unmodified (Control) samples were normalized for concentration, fragmented, and hybridized onto Human Uniset I microarrays in duplicate, except for 5-methyl CTP samples, which were hybridized in duplicate onto arrays with 1100 probes spotted in 6-fold redundancy. Average signal intensities after background subtraction were plotted for all probes of the Human Uniset I array for the control samples versus (A) control, (B) fully DAP-substituted, (C) 1:1 substituted DAP, (D) fully meC-substituted, and (E) fully MeU-substituted.

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