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Figure 1

From: Quantitative assessment of the use of modified nucleoside triphosphates in expression profiling: differential effects on signal intensities and impacts on expression ratios

Figure 1

HPLC analysis of digested cRNA demonstrates incorporation of modified nucleotides and their resolution from unmodified counterparts. Absorbance profiles at 260 nm are shown for (A) control, (B) 1:1 DAP:A, (C) fully substituted DAP, and (D) fully substituted MeC conditions. Proportions of each nucleoside were calculated using peak areas and extinction coefficients. The peaks for cytosine, uridine, guanosine, and adenosine show up in the unmodified control sample (A) at approximately 5.0, 7.2, 12.6, and 15.6 min, respectively.

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