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Table 2 soluble solids concentration (brix°) pH and dry matter of fruits obtained from selfed and emasculated flowers of defH9-iaam, defH9-ri-iaam c and defH9-ri-iaam- s transgenic plants and untransformed control. defH9-ri-iaam c and defH9-ri-iaam s transgenic plants were raised by using two versions of the gene identical but the termination sequences (with termination sequences of the rolc gene and the termination sequence of the nos gene, respectively).

From: Optimisation of transgene action at the post-transcriptional level: high quality parthenocarpic fruits in industrial tomatoes

Lines Brix° pH Dry matter
  Emasc. Selfed Emasc. Selfed Emasc. Selfed
#1 4.19e-i 5.50a 4.25b-f 4.05b-i 5.83d-i 6.75bc
#2 3.70i-m 5.52a 4.16b-i 4.22b-h 4.81j-k 6.45b-d
#3 4.08f-j 3.13n 4.05b-i 3.93f-i 4.84jk 4.66k
#4 5.10a-c 5.47a 5.7a 5.8a 6.10c-g 6.21b-f
DefH9-RI-iaaM C       
#1 4.03g-k 4.07g-j 4.33b-e 4.17b-i nt nt
#2 2.52o 3.59j-n 4.13b-i 4.11b-i 5.09h-k 6.17b-f
#3 3.57j-n 5.23ab 4.37b-d 4.07b-i 6.44b-d 5.97c-h
#4 5.47a 4.60c-f 4.03b-i 4.17b-i 7.76a 6.99b
#5 3.87h-m 3.93g-l 4.19b-i 4.24b-g 7.91a 5.87c-i
#6 4.05g-k 3.90g-m 4.10b-i 4.07b-i 5.03i-k 6.43b-d
#7 4.13f-i 3.97g-l 4.08b-i 4.06b-i nt nt
#8 4.07g-j 4.80b-d 3.83i 3.86hi nt nt
#9 5.00a-c 5.47a 4.13b-i 4.03c-i 5.77d-i 6.22b-f
#10 4.70c-e 3.69i-m 3.95f-i 4.07b-i 6.29b-e 5.80d-i
#11 3.40m-n 4.00g-l 4.18b-i 4.41b 5.20g-k 5.07h-k
DefH9-RI-iaaM S       
#1 4.27e-h 4.4d-g 3.97e-i 3.87g-i 5.41e-k 4.74k
#2 3.50l-n 3.40mn 4.04b-i 4.07b-i 4.99i-k 5.07h-k
#3 3.73i-m 3.53k-n 4.24b-g 4.37b-c 5.39e-k 5.57d-k
#4 4.8b-d 3.70i-m 4.05b-i 3.99d-i 5.68d-j 4.96i-k
#5 4.03g-k 3.97g-l 4.15b-i 4.04b-i 5.77d-i 5.80d-i
#6 4.30d-h 3.97g-l 4.07b-i 4.15b-i 5.50e-k 5.67d-j
#7 4.30d-h 4.27e-h 3.90f-i 3.90f-i f-k 5.33f-k
Control - 5.49a - 4.17b-i - 6.01c-g
  1. For each trait, means followed at least by one common letter are not significantly different according to Duncan's Multiple Range Test (α = 0.05). nt, not tested.