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Table 2 MMV applications developed to date

From: Establishment of a reborn MMV-microarray technology: realization of microbiome analysis and other hitherto inaccessible technologies

Application Content Level achievedb Comment
Multiple (1024) conditions generation (Multiple-conditioner) Generation of 1024 different conditions in MMV for lysozyme crystallization. +++ Applicable to iPS primary induction factor screening
Semi-infinite replica Formation (D2D, C2C, and D2D2P) Replication of DNA and cells in MMV perpetually. Besides, DNA processed to protein (D2D2P) replica. +++ Proteins replica can be perpetually generated by two steps of D2D and D2P, i.e., D2D2P.
NGS-non-dependent microbiome analysis (NNMA) Single-cell isolation, DNA extraction, single-cell random PCR of microbiome samples in MMV, and processing of PCR products by the Genome Profiling (GP) method. +++ Serves as single cell isolation and analysis tool
Multistep function-based screening (POMM) Operation of all steps involved in DNA amplification, in vitro transcription and translation; identification of functional peptides in MMV. ++ Screening tool with samples addressed
All-In-One/All-At-Once assay (AI/AO) Screening of apoptosis-inducing peptides against cancer cells. + Applicable to monoclonal antibody screening
  1. b+++, successfully achieved; ++, whole process developed with tentative confirmation; +, system developed with successful preliminary experiment.