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Table 2 Matrix of true-positive mutations (marked with X) identified in the various thermo tolerant strains

From: Screening and genetic characterization of thermo-tolerant Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 strains created by adaptive evolution

Position Mutation type Gene WT Mutant Strains
      C5K A1 A6 H2 H12
96437 AA change pnp gAg gGg X*     
98129 AA change pnp aTg aCg X* X    X*
195523 AA change slr1098 gGc gTc X*     
494155 AA change PilJ Cgg Tgg    X X* X*
1103495 AA change pyk2 ttC ttA     X*  
1103586 AA change pyk2 gGa gAa X X    X*
1133812 Intergenic Intergenic G T   X    
1436521 Frameshift cya1 - GCAA   X    
2260225 Intergenic Intergenic - A X X    X*
2466798 AA change clpC gTg gCg      X*
2466808 AA change clpC Cgt Tgt X* X    
2467723 AA change clpC Gac Tac X*     
2468031 AA change clpC gTt gCt X*     
2579829 AA change sll0064 Ttg Atg X*     X*
2717197 Frameshift pyrR - TAATTAACTCCAC X X    
3371838 AA change SigF Cgt Tgt    X X* X
  1. Mutations marked with *indicate mixed reads in Sanger (& NGS), where the wt variant can also still be detected.