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Table 1 Overview of the different maximally tolerated temperatures of the various strains in both screening platforms, and in the 1 l bioreactor cultivation

From: Screening and genetic characterization of thermo-tolerant Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 strains created by adaptive evolution

Strain Max. temp robot screening Max. temp incubator screening Max. temp bioreactor Confirmed mutations
wt 44°C 42.3°C <43°C None
MutIV-mix 45.7°C 48°C 45.0°C Various
MutIV-mix-2    45.8°C Various
MutIV-C5K   44.5°C 44.9°C 10
MutIV-A1 44.9°C   45.0°C 7
MutIV-A6 45.1°C   45.0°C 2
MutIV-H2 45.4°C   45.2°C 3
MutIV-H12 45.2°C   45.0°C 7