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Figure 5

From: A novel Streptomyces spp. integration vector derived from the S. venezuelaephage, SV1

Figure 5

Southern blot to demonstrate the presence of the predicted hygromycin gene fragment in S. coelicolor and S. lividans exconjugants. Two independent exconjugants derived from an E. coli donor containing pBF3 and S. coelicolor, S. lividans and S. venezuelae as recipients were initially selected using the hygromycin resistance marker on pBF3 but then subsequently maintained without selection. Genomic DNA was then prepared from each line. The hyg gene was detected in S. coelicolor:pBF3 and S. lividans:pBF3 lines but not in the S. venezuelae lines indicating that pBF3 is not stably maintined in S. venezuelae.

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