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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Physiological effects of over-expressing compartment-specific components of the protein folding machinery in xylose-fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Name Relevant genotype Reference
p426TEF URA3 [32]
YIplac128 LEU2 [33]
YIplac211 URA3 [33]
YIpDR1 YIplac128:TDH3p-GXF1-CYC1t [34]
YIpDR7 YIplac211:TDH3p-XYL1(N272D)-ADH1t; PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t [35]
YIpBB1 YIplac128:TDH3p-FRD1-CYC1t This study
YIpBB2 YIplac128:TDH3p-OSM1-CYC1t This study
YIpBB3 YIplac128:TDH3p-FRD1-CYC1t; TEF1p-ERO1-ERO1t This study
YIpBB4 YIplac128:TDH3p-OSM1-CYC1t; TEF1p-ERO1-ERO1t This study
Yeast strains  
TMB3043 CEN.PK2-1C; gre3-Δ; his3::PGK1p-XKS1-PGK1t, HIS3; tal1::PGK1p-TAL1-PGK1t; tkl1::PGK1p-TKL1-PGK1t; rki1::PGK1p-RKI1-PGK1t; rpe1::PGK1p-RPE1-PGK1t; ura3, leu2 [36]
TMB3452 TMB3043; ura3::YIpDR7; leu2 This study
TMB3455 TMB3452; leu2::YIplac128 This study
TMB3456 TMB3452; leu2::YIpBB1 This study
TMB3457 TMB3452; leu2::YIpBB2 This study
TMB3458 TMB3452; leu2::YIpBB3 This study
TMB3459 TMB3452; leu2::YIpBB4 This study