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Table 2 Strains used

From: Fast and economic immobilization methods described for non-commercial Pseudomonaslipases

  Strain Features Reference
  Pseudomonas sp. 42A2 Wild type [33]
  Pseudomonas sp. CR-611 Wild type [24]
  P. aeruginosa PABST7.1 ΔlipA ΔlipH miniD-180 (tetA tetR lacIq PlacUV5-T7 gene1) [32] Kindly provided by Dr. Rosenau.
LipA P. aeruginosa PABST7.1 lipAHpBB Contains lipA and lipH 42A2 gene [21]
LipC P. aeruginosa PABST7.1 lipCHpBB Contains lipC and lipH 42A2 gene [22]
LipCmut P. aeruginosa PABST7.1 lipCHpBB (variant D2_H8) Contains mutated lipC and wild type lipH 42A2 gene [22]
LipI.3 E. coli 5 K (pGEM-T Lip I.3) Contains lipI.3 CR-611gene [23]