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Table 1 Data summary

From: Factors influencing the efficiency of generating genetically engineered pigs by nuclear transfer: multi-factorial analysis of a large data set

Total no. of transferred SCNT embryos 18,649
  Average no. of transferred embryos per recipient 97
  Range of transferred embryos per recipient 43-216
No. of different cell sources used for SCNT 41
Type of genetic modification  
  Additive gene transfer (no. of constructs) 142
  Homologous recombination (no. of target genes) 63
Total no. of recipient pigs 193
  Pregnant recipients 109 (56%)
  Delivering recipients 85 (78%)
Total no. of cloned offspring 318
  Live cloned pigs 243 (76%)
  Healthy cloned pigs 97 (40%)
  1. 1 Mesenchymal stem cells, postnatal fibroblasts, fetal fibroblasts, and kidney cells.
  2. 2 See Table 8 for details.
  3. 3 See Table 9 for details.