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Figure 4

From: Demonstration of protein-fragment complementation assay using purified firefly luciferase fragments

Figure 4

Detection of p53 - Mdm2 interaction (A) SDS-PAGE of p53 and Mdm2 fusion probes. Lane 1, p53/N; Lane 2, p53/C; Lane 3, Mdm2/N; Lane 4, Mdm2/C. (B-E) Fluc PCA using an interacting partner p53/C and Mdm2/N (orange) or a non-interacting partner p53/C and p53/N (dark cyan) each at indicated concentrations. Average and SD of three samples are shown. (F) Signal/background ratios of Fluc PCA using p53/C and Mdm2/N. (G) Effect of Nutlin-3 on p53-Mdm2 interaction. Average and SD of three samples are shown.

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