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Table 1 Modified Nextera reaction volumes

From: Improved workflows for high throughput library preparation using the transposome-based nextera system

       Volumes (μl)    
  Tagmentation Elution PCR Elution (2)
Standard/Reaction A 50 25 50 32.5
Reaction B 25 12.5 25 16
Reaction C 12.5 6.5 12.5 10
Reaction D 6.25 6.5 12.5 10
Reaction E 6.25 25 50 10
  1. Reduced volume Nextera reactions were evaluated. From left to right, the different columns show final volumes for the Tagmentation reaction, elution after purification, PCR amplification and elution after PCR purification respectively. DNA input amounts were scaled from the Illumina recommended amounts proportionately to the final volume of Tagmentation: full (Reaction A), half (Reaction B), quarter (Reaction C) and one-eighth (Reaction D and E). For Reaction E only the tagmentation reaction is reduced, followed by a standard PCR to increase yield.