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Table 3 Uniprot access codes for proteins containing 0, 1, 2 or 3 peptides for a given database peptide detection threshold

From: NanoUPLC-MSE proteomic data assessment of soybean seeds using the Uniprot database

500<x<5000 MW cutoff 500<x<3000 MW cutoff
  0.peptides 1.peptides 2.peptides 3.peptides 0 peptides 1.peptides 2.peptides 3.peptides
2 C6T0N3 A8IFI6 C6SV77 C6SYE8 C6T029 A8IFI6 C6SV77 C6SVW9
3 C6T0N7 C6SV73 C6SVQ7 C6SYW9 C6T0N1 C6SV73 C6SVK4 C6SVX8
4 C6T0R2 C6SW74 C6SWW3 C6SZA0 C6T0N3 C6SW74 C6SVQ7 C6SZD7
6 C6T0S2 C6SY49 C6SY76 C6T0W0 C6T0Q2 C6SXX1 C6SWW3 C6SZT3
7 C6T0S5 C6SYJ1 C6SYR8 C6T0Y8 C6T0R2 C6SY49 C6SX62 C6SZT6
8 C6T0T0 C6T079 C6SYR9 C6T2N3 C6T0R6 C6SYJ1 C6SXB8 C6T013
9 C6T0T6 C6T0X6 C6SZK8 C6T4B2 C6T0S2 C6SYR8 C6SXL1 C6T022
10 C6T0U0 C6T113 C6SZV3 C6T5Y8 C6T0S5 C6SYW9 C6SY37 C6T0H4
11 C6T0U6 C6T128 C6T0P3 C6T604 C6T0T0 C6SZA0 C6SY76 C6T0W0
12 C6T0U8 C6T145 C6T0P7 C6T695 C6T0T6 C6SZK8 C6SYE8 C6T0Y8
13 C6T0V0 C6T149 C6T0Q2 C6T697 C6T0U0 C6SZM6 C6SYI5 C6T196
14 C6T0V2 C6T5D7 C6T0R0 C6T6A1 C6T0U6 C6T079 C6SYL8 C6T1C2
15 C6T0V4 C6T5W7 C6T0R4 C6T6D9 C6T0U8 C6T0K8 C6SYR9 C6T1C3
16 C6T0V8 C6T614 C6T0R8 C6T6I0 C6T0V0 C6T0X6 C6SZV3 C6T1N5
17 C6T0W6 C6T635 C6T0S8 C6T6I2 C6T0V2 C6T115 C6T0P3 C6T272
18 C6T0W8 C6T656 C6T0T4 C6T6J6 C6T0V4 C6T145 C6T0P7 C6T2A4
19 C6T0Y0 C6T676 C6T0W2 C6T6Q9 C6T0V8 C6T149 C6T0R0 C6T343
20 C6T108 C6T6A8 C6T0W4 C6T6S9 C6T0W6 C6T173 C6T0R4 C6T382
21 C6T110 C6T6C5 C6T0X2 C6T6T3 C6T0W8 C6T1V9 C6T0R8 C6T384
22 C6T124 C6T6D5 C6T0X4 C6T6U7 C6T0X2 C6T3J3 C6T0S8 C6T400
23 C6T130 C6T6F4 C6T0Y2 C6T6U8 C6T0Y0 C6T426 C6T0T4 C6T4D2
24 C6T132 C6T6H2 C6T0Y4 C6T7A3 C6T108 C6T4U9 C6T0V6 C6T4E9
25 C6T137 C6T6L2 C6T0Z0 C6TDF1 C6T110 C6T5D7 C6T0W2 C6T4I4
26 C6T141 C6T6L9 C6T0Z5 C6TE34 C6T113 C6T5Y5 C6T0W4 C6T4U1
27 C6T5Q9 C6T6R9 C6T0Z7 C6TFK5 C6T124 C6T614 C6T0X4 C6T5Y9
28 C6T5V9 C6T6V2 C6T0Z9 C6TFK6 C6T128 C6T635 C6T0Y2 C6T5Z3
29 C6T5W3 C6T6X9 C6T101 C6TFL5 C6T130 C6T656 C6T0Y4 C6T604
30 C6T602 C6T6Y2 C6T122 C6TFS1 C6T132 C6T676 C6T0Z0 C6T661
31 C6T606 C6T7V8 C6T143 C6TFT9 C6T137 C6T6A8 C6T0Z5 C6T695
32 C6T618 C6TC31 C6T1V9 C6TGK1 C6T141 C6T6C5 C6T0Z7 C6T6A1
33 C6T620 C6TE40 C6T2B3 C6THI2 C6T2D4 C6T6F4 C6T0Z9 C6T6B5
34 C6T643 C6TG02 C6T2D4 C6TIA8 C6T2Q5 C6T6H2 C6T101 C6T6I9
35 C6T664 C6TGX9 C6T2Q5 C6TIG4 C6T5N2 C6T6L2 C6T122 C6T6K7
36 C6T666 C6TIG9 C6T2Z6 C6TKN2 C6T5Q9 C6T6L9 C6T143 C6T6M6
37 C6T684 C6TKR3 C6T3C3 C6TMR8 C6T5U2 C6T6R9 C6T144 C6T6Q9
38 C6T688 C6TLP1 C6T5U2 C6TNC0 C6T5U9 C6T6V2 C6T233 C6T6T3
39 C6T6C7 C6TN83 C6T5U9 C6TNW8 C6T5V9 C6T6Y2 C6T269 C6T6U7
40 C6T6E5 O49223 C6T5V1 O49225 C6T5W3 C6T774 C6T2B3 C6T6U8
41 C6T6F5 P13993 C6T5X3 P08012 C6T5W7 C6T7U7 C6T2N3 C6T6W7
42 C6T6G1 P15986 C6T5Y1 P08297 C6T5Y1 C6TA13 C6T2Z6 C6T6X5
43 C6T6H7 P15987 C6T5Z8 P49159 C6T5Z8 C6TB42 C6T3A7 C6T743
44 C6T6J2 P55960 C6T608 Q2PMQ7 C6T602 C6TD14 C6T3C3 C6T7A3
45 C6T6J4 P82947 C6T622 Q2PMR6 C6T606 C6TD15 C6T404 C6T7H3
46 C6T6J8 Q6JC67 C6T629 Q2PMR9 C6T618 C6TDF1 C6T411 C6T8U0
47 C6T6J9 Q6JC68 C6T631 Q2PMS0 C6T620 C6TDT6 C6T4B2 C6T9A8
48 C6T6K2 Q7M212 C6T633 Q2PMT7 C6T643 C6TE71 C6T5V1 C6T9K4
49 C6T6L0 Q84U84 C6T639 Q39829 C6T652 C6TG02 C6T5X3 C6TA51
50 C6T6L7 Q8S3C5 C6T645 Q4W663 C6T664 C6TGS5 C6T5Y8 C6TAK0
51 C6T6N6 Q8S3C6 C6T649 Q6LBP7 C6T666 C6TIG4 C6T608 C6TBL2
52 C6T6Q0 Q8W238 C6T652 Q6Q0T0 C6T671 C6TIG9 C6T622 C6TDM5
53 C6T6Q2 Q9JMW3 C6T659 Q6X0N6 C6T678 C6TKR3 C6T629 C6TDP4
54 C6T6Q6 Q9S8F2 C6T671 Q7M1K4 C6T684 C6TL18 C6T631 C6TDP6
55 C6T6S4 Q9S8F3 C6T678 Q9S8R7 C6T688 C6TL51 C6T633 C6TDR0
56 C6T6T1 Q9S8K3 C6T682 Q9S8X5 C6T6C7 C6TLP1 C6T639 C6TDR8
57 C6T6T7 Q9S904 C6T686 Q9S926 C6T6D5 O49223 C6T645 C6TEN4
58 C6T6T9 Q9S905 C6T690 Q9SBB0 C6T6E5 P13993 C6T649 C6TF71
59 C6T6W6 Q9S929 C6T693   C6T6F5 P15986 C6T659 C6TFK5
60 C6T6W8     C6T6G1 P15987 C6T682 C6TFS1
61 C6T837     C6T6H7 P49159 C6T686 C6TFT9
62 C6TDZ9     C6T6I0 P55960 C6T690 C6TFY8
63 C6TN18     C6T6J2 P82947 C6T693 C6TGK1
64 Q2PMN5     C6T6J4 Q2PMQ7 C6T697 C6TGZ6
65      C6T6J8 Q2PMS0 C6T698 C6TIK8
66      C6T6J9 Q2PMS6 C6T6B0 C6TJX4
67      C6T6K2 Q2PMT6 C6T6B7 C6TKH6
68      C6T6K4 Q2PMT7 C6T6D9 C6TKN2
69      C6T6L0 Q2PMU0 C6T6F3 C6TLE1
70      C6T6L7 Q39806 C6T6F7 C6TLT6
71      C6T6N6 Q4W663 C6T6H9 C6TLV5
72      C6T6P1 Q6JC67 C6T6I2 C6TM33
73      C6T6Q0 Q6JC68 C6T6J6 C6TM52
74      C6T6Q2 Q6X0N6 C6T6K0 C7S8C3
75      C6T6Q6 Q7M212 C6T6K6 O49225
76      C6T6S4 Q84U84 C6T6R3 O65110
77      C6T6T1 Q8S3C6 C6T6S9 P08012
78      C6T6T7 Q8W238 C6T6W1 P69421
79      C6T6T9 Q9JMW3 C6T737 Q2PMQ8
80      C6T6W6 Q9S8K3 C6T7G8 Q2PMR4
81      C6T6W8 Q9S904 C6T7P1 Q2PMS7
82      C6T6X9 Q9S905 C6T7Y0 Q39829
83      C6T7V8 Q9S929 C6T9H9 Q39863
84      C6T837   C6TBB6 Q41267
85      C6TC31   C6TBR9 Q4W666
86      C6TCV3   C6TBS2 Q6J5U8
87      C6TDZ9   C6TBV4 Q6LBP7
88      C6TE40   C6TD51 Q6LED6
89      C6TFL5   C6TD69 Q7M1K4
90      C6TGX9   C6TE34 Q9S8R7
91      C6TLD5   C6TEN7 Q9S8X5
92      C6TLV0   C6TF61 Q9S926
93      C6TN00   C6TF86 Q9S9H5
94      C6TN18   C6TFK6  
95      C6TN83   C6TFW2  
96      Q2PMN5   C6TFY6  
97      Q3HM31   C6TH40  
98      Q8S3C5   C6THI2  
99      Q9S8F2   C6TIA8  
100      Q9S8F3   C6TJW9  
101      Q9SBB0   C6TK75  
102        C6TKY5  
103        C6TLF7  
104        C6TMR8  
105        C6TNC0  
106        C6TNG5  
107        C6TNW8  
108        O65109  
109        P08297  
110        P69195  
111        Q0GPJ4  
112        Q2PMR5  
113        Q2PMR6  
114        Q2PMR9  
115        Q2TI80  
116        Q4W664  
117        Q692Y3  
118        Q6J5X9  
119        Q6Q0T0  
120        Q75NI2  
121        Q7M285  
122        Q9S8H6  
123        Q9S8P7  
124        Q9S8X4  
125        Q9S8X6