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Figure 1

From: NanoUPLC-MSE proteomic data assessment of soybean seeds using the Uniprot database

Figure 1

Peptide detection type, repetition rate, and protein function chart . A) On peptide match type, PepFrag1 and Pepfrag2 correspond to the peptide matches when compared to database by PLGS, VarMod corresponds to variable modifications, InSource corresponds to fragmentation that occurred on ionization source, MissedCleavage indicates the missed cleavage performed by trypsin and Neutral loss H2O and NH3 correspond to water and ammonia precursor losses; B) Repeat rate indicates the number of times that an identified protein apears on the replicas; C) Protein function of the identified proteins clustered in storage, defense, energy processing, embryogenesis, seed maturation or other functions.

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