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Table 1 Analytical performance of the biosensors compared with those of ICP-AES and ET-AAS

From: Fluorescent bioassays for toxic metals in milk and yoghurt

  Biosensors Traditional analytical method1
LOD Detection range LOD Detection range
Milk (μg/l) Yoghurt (μg/kg) Milk (mg/l) Yoghurt (mg/kg) Milk (μg/kg) Yoghurt (μg/kg) Milk (mg/kg) Yoghurt (mg/kg)
External As (III) 10 10-100 100 100
External Cd (II) 5 5-100 5 5-100
Intrinsic Zn (II)   1.4-4.8 1.2-2.9   1.4-2.4 2.5-4.7
  1. 1ET-AAS and ICP-AES were used for measurement of externally added As (III)/Cd (II) and intrinsic Zn (II), respectively.