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Figure 1

From: A one-step cloning method for the construction of somatic cell gene targeting vectors: application to production of human knockout cell lines

Figure 1

Schematic depicting the modification of pTK-LoxP-NEO-AAV into pAAV-LIC by insertion of two designed LIC adaptors . The two LIC adaptors contain EcoRV sites and an additional 11–15 bp sequence necessary for LIC cloning. The two EcoRV restriction sequences are underlined and an arrow indicates the digestion sites. Left blunt end and right overhang sequences for EcoRV and SalI in cassette A allow for annealing of the LIC adaptor into the right arm MCS of the pTK-LoxP-NEO-AAV plasmid. Overhang sequences for NheI and SpeI in cassette B allow for annealing of the LIC adaptor into the left arm MCS.

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