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Table 1 Physico-chemical properties of distillery effluent (spentwash)

From: Decolorization of a recalcitrant organic compound (Melanoidin) by a novel thermotolerant yeast, Candida tropicalis RG-9

Parameters Value of distillery effluent
Color Dark brown
Odour Like molasses
Temperature °C 82
pH 4.2
Total dissolved solid (mg l−1) 81733
Total suspended solid (mg l−1) 5933
Dissolved oxygen (mg l−1) 0
Biological oxygen demand (mg l−1) 46666
Chemical oxygen demand (mg l−1) 104130
Total nitrogen (mg l−1) 1635
Phosphorus (mg l−1) 163
Potassium (mg l−1) 8766
Sodium (mg l−1) 211
Calcium (mg l−1) 1816
Sulphate (mg l−1) 1738