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Table 1 Preliminary identification of isolated strains from enrichment cultures by 16S rRNA gene sequencing.

From: Isolation and characterization of novel bacterial strains exhibiting ligninolytic potential

Isolate namea Accession number (16S rRNA gene sequence) Most probable BLASTbhits with 16S rRNA gene % Sequence identity Number of colonies isolated
Pandoraea norimbergensis LD001 [Genbank:HQ713574] Pandoraea norimbergensis [Genbank:AF139171.1] [68] 99% 1
Pseudomonas sp. LD002 [Genbank:HQ713573] Pseudomonas sp. NZ099 [Genbank:AF388207.1] [69] 99% 4
   Pseudomonas jessinii PS06 [Genbank:AY206685.1] [70] 99%  
Bacillus sp. LD003 [Genbank:HQ713575] Bacillus thuringiensis CMG 861 [Genbank:EU697392.1] [71] 99% 2
   Bacillus sp. NS-4 [Genbank:EU622630.1] [72] 99%  
   Bacillus cereus C10-1 [Genbank:AB244465.1] [73] 99%  
  1. a All strains were submitted to the German Resource Centre for Biological Material (DSMZ, Braunschweig, Germany), see Methods for accession numbers.
  2. b Reference: [67]