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Figure 2

From: Isolation and characterization of novel bacterial strains exhibiting ligninolytic potential

Figure 2

Decolourization of ligninolytic indicator dyes. Decolourization (% of initial value) of ligninolytic indicator dyes in LB medium, 25 h after dye addition to exponentially growing cultures of P. norimbergensis LD001, Pseudomonas sp. LD002 and Bacillus sp. LD003. Error bars indicate the maximum deviation from the mean of duplicate experiments. * indicates that dye adsorption to the cell pellet was observed after centrifugation. Dyes: Azure B (AB), Methylene blue (MB), Toluidene Blue O (TB), Malachite Green (MG), Congo red (CR), Xylidine ponceau (XP), Indigo Carmine (IC) and Remazol Brilliant Blue R (RBBR).

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