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Table 1 Strains of H. polymorph a used in the present study

From: Optimization of glutathione production in batch and fed-batch cultures by the wild-type and recombinant strains of the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorphaDL-1

Designation Genotype or relevant features Reference or source
Wild type strains   
NCYC495L leu1-1 Laboratory collection
CBS4732L (A16) leu2 Laboratory collection
DL-1L leu2 Laboratory collection
DL-1 leu2::LEU2 (plasmid vector pGLG61) This study
Recombinant strains of DL-1   
mcGSH2 leu2:: LEU2::mcGSH2 (pGLG61-HpGSH2) This study
MOXp-GSH2 leu2::LEU2::MOXp-GSH2 (pGLG61- HpMOXp::HpGSH2) This study
mcMET4 leu2:: LEU2::mcMET4 (pGLG61-HpMET4) Laboratory collection