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Table 1 Marker genes for hormone treatment

From: Construction of high quality Gateway™ entry libraries and their application to yeast two-hybrid for the monocot model plant Brachypodium distachyon

Hormone Marker IBI# Os ortholog At Ortholog Common Name(s) Function
ABA Bradi2g22460 Os05g39690 At5G01670 None NAD(P)-linked oxidoreductase superfamily
ACC Bradi1g57590 Os10g11500 At4G33720 OsPR1#101 Pathogenesis-related 1 superfamily
BL Bradi2g31700 Os05g15630 At4G03540 OsBLE3 Unknown molecular function
GA3 Bradi2g31760 Os05g19600 At1G20190 OsEXP3, AtEXPA11 Alpha-expansin gene family
IBA Bradi2g50840 Os01g55940 At4G37390 OsGH3-2, AtAUR3 IAA-amido synthase
MeJA Bradi3g30860 Os10g37340 At1G64660 OsRRJ1, AtMGL Methionine gamma-lyase
KT Bradi1g64920 Os03g18850 None found OsPR10 Unknown, similarity to PYL, RCAR proteins
SA Bradi2g05870 Os01g09800 At1G64280 NPR1, NIM1, SAI1 Local and systemic pathogen defense
REF Bradi4g00660 Os12g44000 At5G42990 UBC18 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
  1. Where available, rice (Os) and Arabidopsis (At) orthologs, common names, and predicted functions are provided. See Methods for primers, additional information regarding each marker gene, and literature references used to find each marker.