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Table 1 Parameters for HPLC-MS-SIM analyses and approximation of the minimum quantity of SMPP with each mixture sample of a single candidate biotin derivative.

From: Estimation of affinities of ligands in mixtures via magnetic recovery of target-ligand complexes and chromatographic analyses: chemometrics and an experimental model

m/z for M+H+ 326 314 332 259
Slope for linear responsea 862.1 279.8 116.9 49.2
Intercept for linear responsea 322.1 143.4 59.9 24.2
R2 for linear response > 0.998 > 0.998 >0.994 >0.992
Minimum quantity of the ligand in 5 μL solution to meet the prerequisites of Eq.(6) (pmol)b 1.5 2.0 2.1 2.0
Minimum quantity of the ligand in 40 μL extract to meet the prerequisites of Eq.(6) (pmol) 12 16 16.8 16
Recovery ratioc 0.47 1.00 0.57 0.82
Minimum quantity of the ligand bound to SMPP in competitive binding systems (pmol)d 26 16 31.5 20
Minimal quantity of SMPP to bind the ligand (μL)e 6.5 4.0 7.8 5.0
Summed minima of SMPP for a PMFS (μL) 11 - 12 9
  1. a both peak area and intercept were in μ and the quantity of each pure biotin derivative was in pmol.
  2. b calculated as the quantity of the biotin derivative for peak areas five times of the absolute value of its intercept for linear response.
  3. c determined in triplicate with variation coefficient below 9%.
  4. d calculated considering recovery ratio to give the required extract of bound ligand.
  5. e calculated with the binding capacity of 4 nmol per mL SMPP for a extract of equal contents of one candidate ligand and BMPL as the reference ligand.