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Table 1 Relative brightness of DAPI and QDs using various fluorescence filter set configurations

From: Combining M-FISH and Quantum Dot technology for fast chromosomal assignment of transgenic insertions

Filter Set Configuration A B C Modified C
Dichroic Triple Triple DAPI DAPI
Emission Triple DAPI DAPI QDot 655
Light Output     
DAPI 135 135 269 0
QDot 585 6,300 252 42 490
QDot 655 36,637 983 1,747 27,846
Ratio QDot 655: DAPI 271 7.3 6.5  
  1. Light output values take the emission lines of the mercury arc lamp, filter sets, and dye absorbance and emission spectra into account to determine the light output of particular fluorophores given a particular optical configuration. Note that a "Triple" filter and dichroic refers to a standard multichroic or emission filter with multiple bandpasses for DAPI/FITC/TRITC, typical on a cytogenetics workstation. Light output values were obtained using "Fluorescent Spectra: An Interactive Exploratory Database", a web-software tool developed by C Boswell and G McNamara